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Hope Box is an interactive travelling exhibition of four Art projects, initiated by artist Rienke Enghardt. Of these four art projects, Weather report, Cadavre Exquis and Tigerpaws in the Fishglobe will be initiated in Africa. For general information on these projects, click here

Travel Report
Read the travel report of each African country that Rienke Enghardt visited within the framework of the Hope Box. Together with her snap shots, you get an impression of her -sometimes exciting- experiences, people she met and new 'weather reporters' in several countries. This way, you get a preview of what will happen during the Hope Box Tour 2003 in Africa.

In Sierra Leone and Eritrea 'Tigerpaws in the Fishglobe' is presented for Warchild. In the other indicated countries visual artists participate in 'Cadavre Exquis' and 'Weather Report'.

The dots in the map on the right side of the page indicate the countries that Rienke Enghardt will try to visit the coming year. As soon as a new travel report is available on-line, the dot changes into a clickable number.