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Art projects

Three of the four Art projects are travelling through Africa and are described below.

1. Weather Report 1991 - 2003

Weather Report is a series of collaborative works of art. In each artwork five artists from the four winds are represented. During her journeys (see 'Travelreport') Rienke Enghardt cuts her travel-drawings into four pieces and divides those pieces among four artists. Using the piece as binding-factor, each artist works individually on the work of art, which arises when the four pieces are being put back together again. Rooted in a sense of limitation Rienke invites artists she meets on her travels to create together a more complete image of reality. By rallying forces and connecting different points of view, Weather Report likes to reach as close as possible a complete view of the world. Since the year 1991 young artists from Asia, Europe, America and Oceania have joined Weather Report. Africa will be the last continent to participate. In the years between the first and the last Weather Report well over hundred and fifty works of art by over a hundred artists will have come into being.

PR China; Thailand; Hong Kong; Laos; Vietnam; Burma; Malaysia; Singapore; Indonesia; the Netherlands; America; New Zealand/Aotearoa; Australia; Kosovo

South Africa; Mexico; Sierra Leone; Palestina; Israel; Eritrea; Cameroon; Cuba; Morocco; Egypt

Aaron Seeto; Abdellatif Benfaidoul; Adam Hill; Ade Darmawan; Alice Tung Tze Yung; Alioum Moussa; Antoine Timmermans; Anton Claassen; Arone Meeks; Ava Seymour; Bas van den Hurk; Brian Robinson; Carolien van der Donk; Charles Robb; Chatchai Puipia; Chau Giang; Chu Chu Yuan; Dang Xuan Hoa; Desiree Alvarez; EddiE haRA; Elias bin Mohd; Erzen Vala; Ewoud van Rijn; Feng Bin; Fenneke Weltevrede; Fiona Omeenyo; Gabi Ngcobo; Gordana Baskot; Greg Streak; Hannah&Aaron; Hans van Bentem: Ha Tri Hieu; Harry van der Woud; Helga Groves; Henk Ovink; Hong Viet Dung; Ilse Edit Pahl; James de la Vega; Josje van Doorn; Karin Bos; Kongphat Luangrath; Langa Magwa; Luong Dung; Lucy Griggs; Malam; Mehmet Behluli; Mella Jaarsma; Mbongeni Buthelezi; Mounir Fatmi; Nardy Stolker; Nathan Pohio; Nguyen Dam Thuy; Nguyen Dieu Thuy; Nicole Awai; Nindityo Adipurnomo; Patries van Elsen; Paul Johns; Paul Wrigley; Peter Verheul; Pham Quang Vinh; Phouvong Chanthavong; Pinaree Sanpitak; Tim Yu Tai Keung; Raquel Ormella; Rene de Haan; Resi van der Ploeg; Richard Brouwer; Rienke Enghardt; Robin Rode; Rosella Namok; Rudina Xhaferi; Seraphine Pick; Shigeyo Kobayashi; Soe Naing; Soe Win Nyein; Sophie Cadman; Sikounnavong Kanha; Teuta Gacafèri; Titus Matiyani; Tran Luong; Tran Trong Vu; Usha Seejarim; Vallessa Monk; Vincent Leow; Wade Schaare; Wally Wallwork; Walter van Broekhuizen; Zakaria Sharif; Zhao Jianren

Works of art:
126 completed works of art, 70x100cm, between 1991- 2002

Weather Report Traveling Exhibition 1995-1996
Hope Box Tour 2003-2006

2. Cadavre Exquis 1995 - 2005

Cadavre Exquis is originated from a children's game which was lifted into an art form by the surrealists in the beginning of the 20th century. Since 1995 Rienke Enghardt has initiated annual 'Cadavre Exquis get togethers'. These artistic 'get togethers' meet the need of the human psyche to communicate and trigger its game-mentality. Through a specific drawing formula the goal is to create a broad and accessible image of today. Cadavre Exquis obtains a pseudo historical meaning when comparing the drawings of today's artists with those of the beginning of the 20th century.

Truong Tan; Peter Verheul; Jian Ren Zhao; Hans van Bentem; Huynh Phuong thi Dai Trang; Sam Starr; Ji Hong Zhang; Haidy Bhoedjang; Ha Tri Hieu; Hubert Mashaba; Lisa Lawly; Pham Quang Vinh; Viet Dung; Antoine Timmermans;Tran Luong;Frank Hilgers; Viet Hai; Anton Claassen; Tran Trong Vu; EddiE haRA; James de la Vega; Nguyen thi Chau Giang; Komang Suaka; Nguyen Dam Thuy; Vallessa Monk; Nguyen Dieu Thuy; Luong Dung; Ilse Edit Pahl; Desiree Alvarez; Gordana Baskot; Rienke Enghardt; Jill Chism; Arone Meeks; Jennifer Herd; Mbongeni Buthelezi; Mostyn Bramley Moore; Lise MacDermott; Vernon Ah Kee; Sharmila Nezovic; Paul Wrigley; Sulja Nezovic; Sharon Pacey; Seraphine Pick; Geoff Dixon; Mjellma Goranci; Jeonora Kajtari; Nora Shehu.

Works of art:
225 works of art between 1995 - 2002

Johannesburg; Mai Gallery, Hanoi; Aphrodite, Duindorp; MAEA Gallery, Paris; Blue Space Art Centre Ho Chi Minh City; Down Town, New York; Prishtina
Hope Box Tour 2003-2006

3. Tigerpaws in the Fishglobe 2000-2005

Tigerpaws in the Fishglobe is an interactive art show performed in a tent of kites. It is an artistic adventure, guided by inspiration-sources originated from storytelling, philosophy and art, where children together with artists search for the tangent planes of freedom and safety. With the composition of the outcome, Tigerpaws in the Fishglobe wants to compose a hopeful prospect of this new millennium in which humans and art, culture and nature will come closer together. After its première in 2000, the show visits children all around the world. In cooperation with the organization Warchild the Tigerpaws in the Fishglobe artshow visits children in war-torn countries as well as artists.

In each show twenty children (8-12 yrs), two artists and one storyteller are being invited.

The Netherlands; Kosovo; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Eritrea; Sierra Leone; Sudan; Palestina and Israel
Hope Box Tour 2003-2005


There are catalogues available on the first two projects. If you like more information on Hope Box and its Art projects please contact:

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The Netherlands
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