This is the place to look for background information on contemporary African art - and for when & where real-world expositions and festivals take place. The Review in fact consists of two parts.
The Review
The Review itself, which you find to the right, is a quarterly in which specialists discuss and comment on contemporary African art. With, self-evidently, much attention to the exhibitions in our Virtual projects department.
Agenda and updates
The other part, at your left, is much more regularly updated and contains the following sections:

- Agenda of expositions, presentations and other festivities in the field - divided in two categories: 'International' and 'The Netherlands';

- Spotted, which highlights particular items from the Agenda and points out other things of interest, such as particularly beautiful catalogues;

- Bulletin board, an interactive part with space for discussion;

- Who's who, a series that introduces people working in the field of contemporary African art;

- Exchange, a series of concise reviews of exchange programs that involve African artists.