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Virtual Museum Of Contemporary African Art
country of originNigeria
addressGrubbehoeve 186
zip1103 GR
mediaThe work of Valentine Efiong is not easily to describe. Substantial, non-substantial, fairy-like, lyrical, magically, all are applicable to his work. 'I think movement should lead the eye', says Efiong. In every one of his paintings movement is central.
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Projects and activities

1992: Wallpainting Binnenstraat Kempering, Amsterdam
1995: Interior offices Jeugdzorg Kempering, Amsterdam
1996: Interior offices Jeugdzorg Overschiestraat, Amsterdam
Plintkunst, Kruitberg, Amsterdam
1997: Project Zomerschool, Amsterdam
Interior offices Voorziening Pleegzorg, The Netherlands
1998: Kinderrecht Festival, Land van Ooit,
Worldsfestival, Gemeert, The Netherlands
2000: Wallpainting Circus Elleboog, Amsterdam