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Virtual Museum Of Contemporary African Art
country of originGhana
addressSemarangstraat 29 - I
zip1095 GB
tel+31 20 777 22 86
mediaMy works are mostly proverbial and they include ceramics, sculpture, African textile designs and printing, African mask making using odds and ends; the paintings have the same backgrounds, mostly African. James Adjapong Ntra was born and raised in Ghana.
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1992: Mask making, African Network, Bergum
Mask making, African Network, Dr Mollers College
Mask making, African Network, Universiteit Tilburg
Adinkra printing, African Network, Boxtel
Mask making, African Network, Arnhem
1993: Adinkra printing, African Network, Hertme
1997: Adinkra printing, Ghanaian history, Klieverink BZO Anansi,
Art course Adinkra printing INS, Kralenbeek 28, Amsterdam
Adinkra textile printing, Volks Universiteit, Amsterdam
Demonstration of Ghanaian culture on TV, Beurs van Berlage,
1998: Adinkra printing, African drumming-dancing
Stichting Kinderdag Verblijven Noord, Amsterdam
Adinkra printing - Volksuniversiteit, Amsterdam
Adinkra printing, Frontier Art, Delft
African drumming-dancing, Utrecht, The Netherlands
African drumming-dancing, Kwakoe Festival, Amsterdam
Demonstration of Ghanaian culture on RTL 4 Television,
Chief Henk of Mape, Reigersbos, Amsterdam
Adinkra workshop, Afrika-Studiecentrum Leiden/
Felix Meritis Theater, Amsterdam
Adinkra printing course, Volks Universiteit, Amsterdam


1993: RECOGIN, Sport Hallen, Amsterdam
Bijlmer Galerie, Amsterdam
VU Medische Faculteit, Amsterdam
1994: Ceramics, sculpture, adinkra printing, geography,
history of Ghana, monthly project in Achtsprong, Amsterdam
1995: Art exhibition, workshop, adinkra printing,
Stichting United Africa, Hoorn, The Netherlands
Live made logo, ASSAP, De Balie, Amsterdam
1996: Art exhibition, fashion show, traditional fetish dance,
Cadir en Keer Museum, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Fashion show, history, geography of Ghana Management,
Heerlen Conferentie Centrum Rolduc, Kerkrade, The Netherlands
Anansi, Ghanaian story, Reigerbos BZO, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost
Art exhibition INS, Multiculturele Dag, Kraainenest,
Amsterdam Zuid-Oost
1997: RECOGIN, Ganzenhoef 15, Amsterdam Z-O
La Maison Africaine, Amsterdam
Coloured Exotical, The Hague, The Netherlands
1998: Art exhibition I.M.K. Opleidingen, Planitorium Amsterdam Z-O
Exhibition, Afrika-Studiecentrum, Leiden, The Netherlands
1999: Traditional african dance, Stadsdeel Almere, The Netherlands
Traditional african dance, Utrecht, The Netherlands
African dance, St Jansdal Ziekenhuis,
Harderwijk, The Netherlands
African dance, cooking De Wittenberg, Krakelingweg 10
RECOGIN, St Augustinus College, Amsterdam
2001: African Art Reincarnated, I.S.S., Den Haag, The Netherlands